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What is For Sale By Owner Plus REALTORS®?

Family with a "SOLD" SignWe are a licensed professional Real Estate Company that offers a low fee for services, empowering Sellers and Buyers with access to information and choices.

  • The ability to save thousands while selling your property using our licensed experts, who are members of the National, State and Local Association of REALTORS®.
  • Your property will receive advertising, giving it maximum exposure to potential Buyers.
  • You have a licensed professional explaining the contracts to you and your Buyer(s) to achieve a smooth settlement.
  • You will be informed of applicable regulations and laws required to be disclosed, ensuring no costly surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sell for Only $1,000 + 1%?

Yes, you can sell your property for only $1,000 + 1 % with our proven program, we have no upfront fees or questionable junk fees. You only pay us when we sell your home!

Just How Much Can I Save?

Savings will vary depending on the price of your home . For example, assuming a 7% commission on a $250,000 home, other companies may charge $17,500 or more! With us, you can sell for as low as $1,000 + 1%.

Example: 1 % = $2,500 + $1,000 for a total fee of $3,500.
That’s a HUGE savings IN YOUR POCKET.

What is the Multi-List Option?

You may choose to place your property in the local Multi-List for a predetermined commission, which is only paid if another agent is involved. While being advertised in the Multi-List, you still can sell your home for only $1,000 + 1%. What real estate agency will place your property in the Multi-List and still give you the opportunity to sell for $1,000 + 1%? This option gives you two great ways to save!

How Long is the Listing Contract?

We do not require you to be tied up in a long listing contract. With our proven program, we work with you. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may be released from the listing contract at no cost. That’s how much we believe in our program.

All I Have To Do is Show My Home?

Yes, we explain the best way to show your property to interested Buyer(s) not working with an agent. No agent could possibly know as much about your property and neighborhood as you. When it comes to your property, you are the expert. When it comes to putting the transaction together, we are the experts. All you do is show your property and we do the rest! Even if you can’t show your property, we offer other options!

Marketing We Provide

Photos & Description

Photos & Description

Yard Sign, Directional Signs & Open House Signs

Photos & Description

Photos & Description

Photos & Description. Must be in MLS

Photos & Description. Must be in MLS

Photos & Description


*Advertising may change without notice*

Services We Provide

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» Buyer Representation
» Transaction Licensee

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